Season 1 Edit


The Responsible

The Third

The Debt

The End

The Dress

The Quest

The Spoon

The Pressure

The Painting

The Laziest

The Ghost

The Mystery

The Prank

The Gi

The Kiss

The Party

The Refund

The Robot

The Picnic

The Goons

The Secret

The Sock

The Genius

The Poltergeist

The Mustache

The Date

The Club

The Wand

The Ape

The Car

The Curse

The Microwave

The Meddler

The Helmet

The Fight

Season 2 Edit

The Remote

The Colossus

The Knights

The Fridge

The Flower

The Banana

The Phone

The Job


The Treasure

The Apology

The Words

The Skull

The Bet


The Watch

The Bumpkin

The Flakers

The Authority

The Virus

The Pony

The Hero

The Dream

The Sidekick

The Photo

The Tag

The Storm

The Lesson

The Game

The Limit

The Voice

The Promise

The Castle

The Boombox

The Tape

The Sweaters

The Internet

The Plan

The World

The Finale

Season 3 Edit